Darryl Dybka was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. The son of a Polka bandleader, Darryl started playing music and performing at a young age. He got his first big break playing keyboards with Frank Zappa on several Midwestern dates of the Zoot Allures tour. 

Darryl soon joined Earl Klugh & Friends as a keyboard player. His jazz skills were featured on records, television appearances, live radio broadcasts, and concert halls from Europe to Japan. 

In the mid-1980's the legendary guitar instrumentalist, Chet Atkins, enlisted Darryl to help create a jazzier musical direction. Beginning in 1986 with the "country/fusion/countrypolitan" record Street Dreams, Darryl played on, arranged, produced, and composed many Atkins instrumentals. Stereo Review lauded the record C.G.P., featuring Darryl Dybka compositions (and co-production), for its "complex musical images in startlingly vivid colors." Darryl also co-produced the Chet Atkins and Jerry Reed duet album Sneakin' Around which won a 1992 Grammy for Best Instrumental Record. In 1998 he was nominated for an Emmy in Music by the Michigan Chapter of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. 

Darryl's 1997 project is a solo album, Curiosity Dance. Many notable instrumentalists have lent their considerable talents to Darryl's compositions: 

bass: Viktor Krauss, Chris Kent, Jim Ferguson.
drums: Gene Dunlap, Jr., Ralph Pace Jr.

percussion: Tom Roady
vocal: Alison Krauss 
guitars: Chet Atkins, Earl Klugh, Larry Carlton, Pat Bergeson, Larry Barris.
horns: Marcus Belgrave, Kirk Whalum, Denis Solee.
vibes: Gary Burton 

Producers: Darryl Dybka, Bill Piburn

Executive Producer: Tom McLachlen

Sound Engineer: John Hurley

Mastering: Roger Nichols

The album was recorded at Sound Stage Studio in Nashville. It was produced by Darryl Dybka and Bill Piburn and engineered by John Hurley (Brooks & Dunn, Dan Fogelberg, Bob Seger). The CD was mastered by Roger Nicols, who says: 

"I have produced and engineered hundreds of albums during my career from the Four Tops to Frank Sinatra, to Steely Dan and Bela Fleck, from hard rock to classical and jazz. Sometimes I finish a project and never listen to it again, and sometimes I add it to my personal collection for continued enjoyment. The Darryl Dybka CD went right into my collection, and if CDs could wear out, I would have replaced it by now. Darryl's playing is excellent, and the attitude of the entire album is consistent. I wish I had more projects like this to come across my desk. I have confidence that I will not be the only fan to enjoy Darryl's album and I am looking forward to the next one."

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